After a year with Pod Town Metaverse, we discovered that an informed and involved community is key to supporting our project. Whether it’s sharing news, being an advocate, or actively participating, a supportive community plays a vital role in a project’s success. Your insights and feedback matter, shaping our development. That’s why Console Labs isn’t just for us – it’s for the entire community.

With the aim to make Console Labs become a community-driven team, we decided to take advantage of the Pod Town community which had been enriched through the NFT season, to pose every update of our products.

Pod Town Sunday is our weekly update where we share the latest from Console Labs. It’s a way to invite you into our development journey, giving you a sneak peek into our exciting projects.

What’s in the announcement?

In each Pod Town Sunday, we unfold the curtain on our ongoing projects at Console Labs:

What’s the benefit of getting updated for community members?

Why tune in? By joining Pod Town Sunday, members get an exclusive pass to:

Now, it’s your turn to be part of the Pod Town community! Join our Discord community in shaping the future of these projects.