@Console Labs, our primary goal is to rapidly introduce new features and gather user feedback as quickly as possible. We understand that this approach isn’t flawless and can lead to regression bugs. However, at this stage of our product development, we are content with this strategy.

The challenge arises when we aim to develop something new within a short timeframe, typically one week or even just two days. This typically involves creating a small set of new features, starting from gathering requirements, designing the features, and then implementing them on both the backend and frontend.

We want to emphasize our focus on “both backend and frontend development” because this aspect is within our control as an engineering team. In a typical workflow, individuals often start with backend tasks such as designing the database and setting up APIs before moving on to implementation. However, we are exploring a different approach. We aim to build an API or establish a fixed data structure that allows the frontend team to work independently on their user interfaces. This way, we can streamline development and potentially reduce development time while maintaining control over our engineering processes.


  1. PO works on their requirement
  2. Meeting: User story clarification/refinement discussion
  3. Backend: provide a fixed JSON schema for the Frontend to work on
  4. Frontend: Using mock json host on this repo to work on your UI
    Backend: Work to implementation at the same time
  5. Switch to API-call when api ready