Paw Fellowship: The Golden Ticket

Possessing the Paw Fellowship Card is akin to holding a master key—a key that unlocks the treasures of Pod Town Land & Tokens. This card, transferable and brimming with benefits, is the dream of every Town Builder and Grim Refugee.

Paw Fellowship NFT

1. What is Paw Fellowship Card?

It’s the ticket for your future whitelist (for Pod Town Land & Token). Also, it’s transferable. You can sell it on the secondary market and it will transfer the perks as well.

2. Who’s eligible for this NFT Card?

Early Town Builders & Grim Refugee who have submitted legit info to us.

3. Is Paw Fellowship Card Collection listed on PaintSwap?

Ofc. Here we go:

4. How to view my card?

5. Does Paw Fellowship role in our Discord bind into the card NFT?

YES. So if you list the card to the secondary market or transfer it > you will lose the role in our Discord.

6. What is the difference between card level I and II (or so)?

It will influence the whitelist benefit range, at least for now. This rank is based on the amount you’ve lost in the exploit. Early Town Builders (who joined Pod Together & got rekt) will have 1 rank higher than Grim Refugee - if the lost money is the same.