The explosion of blockchain technology has given rise to numerous innovations. Among them, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a frontier in the intersection between art, technology, and commerce. At the forefront of this wave is the Cyber Neko NFT experiment. We started it as our first experiment in web3.

Cyber Neko NFT

Cyber Neko is not just another NFT; it represents a blend of artistry, community, and technology. With a limited collection of 6,666 unique pieces, each Neko is a testament to programmatically generated digital artistry. But Cyber Neko is more than just its looks. Hosted on the Fantom Opera blockchain, it also speaks to the explorative spirit of the web3 movement.

Starting as an experiment in the rapidly evolving web3 world, we chose the Fantom platform for its sense of community. Back in 2020, Fantom was relatively nascent. It was an underdog in a world dominated by Ethereum. However, led by pioneers like Andrea Cronje, some began migrating to Fantom, setting the stage for Cyber Neko’s debut.

Every Neko Has a Story


Each Neko is unique. It’s like having 12 jigsaw pieces, and each combination tells a different story. From their fur, clothes, and hats, to their little accessories like necklaces and masks—each one is a masterpiece. And with only 6,666 of them out there, owning one feels extra special.

The drop

Venturing into a new blockchain ecosystem is not without its challenges. Thanks to partnerships with people like OnBlock, MCLB and SpiritSwap, we gained a foothold in Fantom’s ecosystem. With the rarity score and a robust distribution system, Cyber Neko ensured a fair system for its collectors.

The Cyber Neko experiment was not solely about creating digital collectibles; it was about creating a community. The collective love for these digital felines led to the formation of an engaged community. Quickly, Cyber Neko became a sought-after collection on Fantom, establishing its blue-chip status.


Owning a Cyber Neko


In the world of Cyber Neko, owning one of these digital cats is akin to holding a key to a burgeoning digital metropolis. The Neko acts as a ticket to Pod Town – a community for DeFi enthusiasts with the motif of Zootopia.

Not just a static piece of art, a Cyber Neko can serve as a digital identity, granting its owner numerous benefits, including: early access to $POD token, exclusive channels, first dibs on new drops, mad street cred, and way more. And as Pod Town grows, so do your perks. Sky’s the limit!

The tokenomics of Cyber Neko also ensured that early adopters were rewarded. With a minting price of 200 FTM, the bonding curve system was designed to favor those who believed in the project early on.

Role & Ranking


Taking cues from online gaming and community forums, Cyber Neko integrated a role and ranking system based on the number of Nekos one holds. This gamification strategy encourages deeper community involvement, offering perks that range from exclusive channels to voting rights in Pod Town’s governance proposals.

Later on, those numbers are calculated by numbers of podian NFT.

OG Card


To reward our early believers, we introduced the Pod Town OG Card. Depending on the number of Cyber Nekos minted from the official site, individuals can attain varying levels of OG Cards, each offering exclusive benefits in the Pod Town universe.

Similarly, the Paw Fellowship NFT Card acts as a ticket for future whitelists, ensuring that early supporters continue to receive benefits for their loyalty.


The Cyber Neko experiment underscores the limitless potential of NFTs. Beyond mere collectibles, NFTs can foster communities, grant access to exclusive digital realms, and serve as digital identities. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, Cyber Neko sets a precedent for how NFTs can shape our digital future.