OG Card: The Emblem of Originality

The OG Card? It’s not just a token—it’s a legacy. Being an OG isn’t about being there first; it’s about being there with heart. And this card ensures you keep reaping the rewards of Pod Town’s evolution.


What’s a Pod Town OG Card

Pod Town OG Card is an NFT Card made exclusively for OG Minters - people who have minted directly from website.

The level of OG Card follows this ranking system, in which only Nekos minted from are count

By holding a Pod Town OG Card, you’re able to


How can I find my OG Card

First things first, you need to verify. Claim your role by typing !neko verify in #bot-command Discord channel.

Currently, we have finished distributing the OG Card to the OG Minters. It was a part of our Halloween gift, btw 🎃

Pod Town OG Card should be appear next to your minted Nekos at If you have verified but there’s no card showing up, please give us a ping at #help-center. We’re happy to support.

Can I sell my OG Card

The Royalty amount (2%) for Original Minters will be tied to OG card. It means when you trade your card on secondary market (PaintSwap for example), this Royalty will be transferred to the Buyer wallet as well.

So in fact, you can, because it’s in your pocket and you own it.

But we strongly suggest you not to. Keeping the OG Card not only protects your royalty earned, but also it’s an entrance ticket to your future benefit in Pod Town.