Mochi is the ultimate payment application seamlessly integrated into your favorite social platforms - Discord and Telegram. Mochi is designed to revolutionize the way you send money to friends, family, and contacts while making your community even more engaging and convenient.

Mochi: More Than Just Money - It’s About Connections

When we think of social bonds in communities, and teams, we think of messages exchanged: compliments, encouragement, and teasing. But have you ever thought about the transactions hidden within these actions? How often have you wanted to send money or reward someone instantly, right in the midst of social platforms?

That’s where we step in.

Why We Dreamed Up Mochi

In our journey through the fascinating world of blockchain, we discovered a space so expansive, and so full of potential, it made our heads spin. This technology can make sending and receiving money much easier across platforms. We define Mochi values as:

But we also realized that, for many, dealing with cryptocurrency can be a bit tricky because of the way some apps are designed. So, we thought, why not integrate the transaction right where the social interaction is happening? - So we start with community-building platforms. Let’s imagine what if you could just mention someone’s name and voila – they have a tip from you. That’s Mochi for you.

Our Vision and Game Plan

The Magic Behind Mochi

A Wallet with a Social Heartbeat

We wanted Mochi to be more than just a wallet. It’s a social heartbeat, tying seamlessly with your social accounts. Imagine not having to remember long addresses or numbers – just use a simple command, and you’re good to go.

Fostering Bonds with Every Transaction

Think of a colleague or a community member who’s outdone themselves on a project or a friend who’s always there for you. Wouldn’t it be amazing to tip them right then and there, sticking with the social activities? That’s what Mochi lets you do. Tip by mentioning, send tokens through a link, request others to pay, or even create a token pool for others to collect.

Because Who Said Payments Can’t Be Fun?

Celebrating a birthday? Commemorating an anniversary? We’ve thrown in customization options to let you jazz up your transactions with images, messages, and more!

Making It All Feel Like Magic

We dream of a world where everyone, even those new to crypto, can interact with it effortlessly. So, with Mochi, a command is all it takes. No complex step, no jargon – just pure simplicity.

Spreading the Mochi Love

We started with platforms where most communities reside – Discord and then Telegram. But watch this space, for Mochi will soon make its way to other platforms like Slack.

In a world where connections are everything, we believe Mochi is the bridge, the link that makes members closer and ties with the community. Wherever communities are, we hope you’ll find Mochi right there, making those connections even more special.

Take a look at Mochi features

Transfer tokens in the platforms
All-in-one, user-friendly for people of all experience levels to send and receive token.

Custom theme for Special Occasions
Make the payment process fun and joyful.

Request others to pay
Your friends can pay you with just a few clicks, Mochi makes it easy!

Give away your cash. Make your friends feel fun and special

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