Earn and Bounty Program

Our earn and bounty program for all of the open-source work we do at Console Labs. A good portion of the earns and bounties help to improve quality-of-life for our community, creating bots and extensions for our messaging apps, and more serious work such as aggregating data from blockchains.

0Mochi Raycast ExtensionMochiOpen
1Support APTOS chainDataOpen
2Support Avax chainDataOpen
3Support Linea chainDataOpen
4Support Klaytn chainDataOpen
5Support OpBNB chainDataOpen
6Support Starknet chainDataOpen
7Support RONIN chainDataOpen
8Support SUI chainDataOpen
9Support TON chainDataOpen
10Support zkSync chainDataOpen
11Mochi PollDataOpen
12Blockchain event calendarMochiOpen
13Mochi Extension ExtensionMochiOpen
14Mochi Rock Paper ScissorMochiOpen
15Mochi Raycast ExtensionMochiOpen