We build up knowledge through collective team learning. This page is where lab members share their explorations of the financial world.

Every week, we host a presentation to discuss our findings. This not only aids memory recall but also fosters a lasting learning culture within the team, keeping us updated on market trends.

We cover a range of topics, from basics like ‘6 jars budgeting methodology’ to more current subjects like ‘web3 liquidity techniques’.

We’re always open to more contributors who are on the same journey, inviting them to join us in creating valuable and sharp software for everyone.

Monthly recap

We write a monthly recap and publish them on this site, also direct to your inbox via our Substack Newsletter at

The newsletter will include only the summary of changes, updates on new findings, projects and what we have been up to, casually drafted by me and other members.

A Scrum Sprint

We work in an 1-week sprint at console labs. At the end of the sprint, we do the review and public announcement.


A typical sprint of the Console Labs:

Pod Town Sunday

After a year with Pod Town Metaverse, we’ve learned that an engaged community is crucial for our project’s success. Console Labs isn’t just for us; it’s for the entire community that supports us. To foster a community-driven approach, we’ve harnessed the enriched Pod Town community, a result of the NFT season.

Welcome to Pod Town Sunday, our weekly update where we share the latest from Console Labs, giving you a sneak peek into our exciting projects:

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