A list of changes and updates to our experiments.

January 2024

As the new year has come, we only focus on bringing mochi from beta to the production stage. On, we introduce these features:

December 2023

November 2023

October 2023


neko-san was at the Solana Breakpoint in Amsterdam last week. They showcased three new validator clients created by the community. There’s still work to do, but it’s a solid sign that the Solana community is gaining strength. It’s pushing us to double down on our investment in Solana because they’re clearly making moves towards wider adoption and greater decentralization.

Also, heads up for next year – Breakpoint’s going to be in Singapore, timing it with ETH SG and Token2049. Feels like the market’s warming up, doesn’t it?

Our Discord server’s buzzing too since we dropped 12 fresh dev bounty totaling $2,000.

We’ve noticed that the market tends to loop back to familiar stories and ideas, albeit with new twists. The key is to ride out the trends, stay user-focused, and not lose sight of our path. It’s about building something small, but sharp.

September 2023


Your boy hit up Token 2049 & ETH Singapore last month. Things are hella pricey compared to last year – talking $150 for a single capsule during the F1 weekend. Caught my attention: MEV, LSD, zk, L2s, FT.

Main events? Thank u, next. Every org and DAO is throwing their own side events, and that’s where the real talk happens. IOSG and AlphaLab? Totally worth showing up for.

Team vibes – we’re all about that sustainable build. Moved our notes from Notion to this dope new website. Building a strong, agile team is the real deal – who knows what trend is popping up next?

Bounty talk, we’ve sent out around 1000 $icy to our peeps. Public bounty dashboard coming your way soon.

Fin Club 💹

August 2023


Switched up our focus from one mega bot to creating several separate bots. Discussed some cool new development practices to boost productivity, like api-first, shared-ui-lib, and format-profile-number.

Started repackaging to build accrued value – talking IP character, financial wisdom, and middle layer software. So, experiments/mochi is gonna use all features from the headless wallet and only focus on peer-to-peer payment.

Getting into building IP character brought back all the love for Cyber Neko. It’s a vibe!